Accent Services

Training and products tailored for people with regional and foreign accents. We provide customized accent training programs, coaching and a variety of products. With our group classes and accent products, you can:

  • Get your message across through clearer speech.
  • Become a more effective communicator by mastering the sounds of Standard American English.
  • Increase your confidence and improve your business, professional, and social speaking skills.

Introductory Classes

If you have a foreign accent and are frequently misunderstood or you want to “soften” your accent, these courses can help. Improve your business, professional, and social speaking skills. Get the competitive advantage and the increased confidence you need to get ahead. These lecture based courses are a great way to learn the fundamentals of …

Group Accent Class

Our group accent classes are designed to meet your needs in a fun and interactive way.  Sessions provide instruction on how to pronounce American speech sounds.  Intensive practice of target sounds, from simple to complex situations, occurs throughout the session.  Even when you are not saying a word, you are practicing by listening to other …

Individual Training

  • With the Effortless Pronunciation Method you will train yourself to hear all of the difficult sounds of English.
  • Pronunciation Method you will train the muscles of your mouth, tongue, and throat to speak with a clear American accent.
  • Pronunciation Method you will develop a clear American accent even when speaking quickly.
  • You will learn to speak with an American accent quickly and automatically.

Additional Information

  • Group classes are available to businesses in the Chicago area.
  • Student discounts and multiple participant discounts are available. Please contact us for details.
  • The cost of these courses may be tax deductible as continuing education, or as a business expense.
  • Many businesses will reimburse participants for the cost of the programs.